Upgraded again

I merged the latest changes in WordPress from the last week into the version I’m running on my site. Lots of good little clean-up going on.

Here are some of the changes I worked on this week:

  • Made the Bookmarklet Safari compatible.
  • Include the query string in the ‘b2’ syndication redirect files.
  • Have ‘future’ blog posts show up in the admin interface. Did you know you can set the time/date of a post to a some time/date in the future and it won’t show up until then?
  • Made the clean category URLs have trailing slashes. Unfortunately, people will have to update their .htaccess files when they upgrade.
  • Other little clean-up items reported in the forums.

If you’d like to get all these fixes plus what all the other guys have been working on, grab a nightly build. I noticed some changes in the link manager code and the comment sanitation (links now show up correctly in comments again).

I also installed a hack that is being rolled into the main codeline that highlights search terms from whatever query brought you to the page. It understands Google, Yahoo, Lycos and the built-in WordPress search. Pretty nifty!