tasks version 1.8.3 released

I’ve released tasks version 1.8.3. I didn’t hear a peep from anyone on the last release candidate, so there must not be any bugs – right? 😉

Here are the changes in version 1.8.3:

  • Added a Greek Translation
  • Added a Swedish Translation
  • Now includes PHP iCalendar 1.0
  • Bug Fix: Doesn’t escape as many HTML entities for multi-byte languages
  • Bug Fix: Parent task was not being retained when ‘New Task’ was the selected ‘After Save’
  • Bug Fix: HTML Toolbar was misbehaving slightly and now respects the Cancel button when inserting a link or an image
  • Bug Fix: Quotes in the task title or notes could be lost when resolving a data collision

I’ve updated the demo if you want to kick the tires and give it a test-drive.

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