Tasks Pro Status (pre beta 10)

Tasks Pro is now feature complete.

I’ve released a flurry of recent betas to the sponsors recently and have been fixing all the reported hiccups. I’ve also been rewriting some of the same queries over and over again in the last couple versions – permissions are a real pain in the arse. I’m (of course) using the latest version myself and I like the way it is coming together.

When I started writing Tasks Pro, I said that adding multiple users take more code than the existing 1.x code base. I was right.

Just some raw numbers:

Tasks 1.8.4 Tasks Pro
Lines of code: 6294 15627
Lines in language file: 307 755
Database tables 1 6
PHP classes: 5 13
PHP functions: 33 64
Images: 40 76
CSS files: 2 6
Javascript files: 2 6

And that doesn’t take into account the fact I’ve refactored (and removed) a great deal of the existing Tasks 1.x code. It has been quite an effort; a little larger than I expected (and I knew it was going to be big). My feature list for the next version is already pretty healthy too.

I’ve started getting the documentation outline in place. With all the additional functionality, having some decent Help is definitely needed. Naturally I’ve also added a little functionality to PHP Doc System here and there as well.

I’m really looking forward to releasing this product, I think it will be well received.

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