Firebird Issues, Web Coding

I downloaded a nightly of Mozilla Firebird for Mac this week and found it almost unusable. Has this been going on for a while as they are adding new features? Or perhaps I just need to trash my prefs? I should try that.

In semi-related news, I was doing the compulsory “Mac browser compatibility” testing for Eric‘s new WetPixel design. This served as my umpteenth reminder that divs, tables, widths and padding do not play nicely together.

I’ve been pretty pleased with the pure CSS layout I’ve built for a site I’m working on. I’m not sure yet if it is any faster for me to do the initial coding in semantic HTML and CSS, but it certainly is easier to make changes later.

I’ve got one CSS layout issue I haven’t fully solved yet. I’ll post a test case with diagrams later and let you guys help me out.