Safari 1.2

It may be time to move over to Safari full time now. Version 1.2 adds accesskey support and with SAFT providing the type-ahead find functionality, it is definitely catching up with Camino.

Not everything is perfect just yet though:

  • SAFT needs to be updated to be compatible with 1.2, the current version. UPDATE, new version of SAFT has been released.
  • Still no support for getting the cursor position in a text field (that I know of), so my Tasks and WordPress quicktags don’t work.
  • Still no support for having the label tag toggle the status of radio buttons and checkboxes.
  • For some reason, all the drop downs and buttons are WAY too small.

It’s this last one that is the biggest problem for me. I’m setting the font-size the same on the selects and input type=button elements the same way I’m setting it on the text, but they are MUCH too small.

Even stranger, this behavior is only found when I set the font-size to 10px. At 11px, 12px and up it behaves exactly as expected.

See for yourself (test page):

Font-size test

Here are some comparison crops from Tasks (actually Tasks Pro) screenshots in Safari 1.1.1 and Safari 1.2.

Tasks Sample 1

Tasks Sample 2

This is really annoying, now I need to add hacks to account for this specific build of Safari.

UPDATE: Apparently this is not a bug and is the indended behavior. Great… because the behavior I want is unreadable text when I set the font-size of a button to match the rest of the page.