Following up on Orkut

A few weeks ago I asked what the big deal is with these social networking sites. Last week, I may have found out.

I’ve posted a few times asking if anyone would like to help with a security audit of Tasks Pro™ but hadn’t found anyone who was able to help. On a whim, I posted a message to one of the PHP communities on Orkut and the next day I got 20 some odd responses. Of those, a handful were willing to take a look and I’ve gotten some excellent feedback (turns out, I’d actually done a decent job). +1 for Orkut. 🙂

In the last week or so, I’ve gotten a few “friend invites” from people I don’t know. What is the proper etiquette here? I’ve declined these invitations so far, but I’m curious if this is happening to other people too? I’m sure some or all of these folks are great people that I’d be interested to meet – but is a :scare: friend :/scare: on Orkut someone you already know? Or someone you’re interested in meeting? Either way, it’s very interesting to see.

Your thoughts?