Drowning in Documentation

The last week now, I’ve spent most of my time writing documentation for Tasks Pro™. So far I’ve created 128 PHP Doc System modules (the static output is ~200k, zipped) in a cross-referenced mess that is about 2/3rds of where I need it to be and doesn’t have any screenshots yet. Ugh…

On the flip side, I’ve added some new features to PHP Doc System:

  • More semantically accurate HTML
  • Added ‘Related Links’ sidebar
  • Re-did navigation links to be a single function instead of separate functions
  • Created a module generator

The generator still needs a lot of polish, but that will wait until after I get Tasks Pro out the door. I’m tempted to throw a database behind this thing, but I like not having that requirement.

The best part is telling it to generate the static output and letting it chug away. 🙂

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