Tasks Pro™ Pricing

One of the interesting things about releasing Tasks Pro™ is the response I’ve gotten to the pricing. It’s been pretty much split 50/50. I get some people wondering why software that does so much is so cheap (they wonder if it really works) and other people who see it as too expensive. I guess that probably means I’m in the right ballpark.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the year, I’m giving it a go as an independant developer this year. The last month or so I’ve spent 90% of my time on Tasks Pro™. I need to be bringing in some revenue from that work in order to be able to keep spending time on this project like I want to.

I’ve got some ambitious plans for new functionality I plan to release in Tasks Pro™ and Tasks this year. I want to keep the software accessible, but I also need to be able to support myself on it too. I think $25/user and less is pretty reasonably priced.

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