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  • Ars Technica on Online Marketing.
  • Playboy has a great article on the BALCO steroid debockle. (Thanks Will Carroll)
  • Jason added a good post to this thread on DSLR sensor cleaning at
  • Salon: Thou shalt not make scientific progress. This is an interesting topic with a number of different sides – long, but worth reading.
  • Lots of bug fixes in PHP 4.3.5.
  • Salon: Republicans for Kerry? has some interesting quotes.

    Moderate Republicans are often fiscal conservatives but social liberals — in many ways, the exact opposite of this administration.

    “I left the Republican Party because I feared the Bush administration and the GOP-controlled Congress was moving too far to the right, and not listening to moderate Republicans such as myself,” he says. “Much of what we have seen since then has only confirmed those fears. We are in a war that we shouldn’t be in; the wealthy get tax cuts while our schools get shortchanged; the deficit grows by the day while millions of jobs are lost here at home. Meanwhile, the White House tries to placate the far right by supporting a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, diverting the nation’s attention from where it should be focused. We are headed on the wrong course, and it troubles me deeply.”

  • I may start working on a WordPress redirect hack to let people upgrade to WP from other blog systems and not lose their permalinks. Seems like something worth doing.

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