PHP Doc System Usability Enhancement

I added a little check to disable a link if the link is to the page currently being displayed. It’s a small change, but I think it’s an important one (and I don’t have immediate plans to add more features) so I’ve released this as PHP Doc System 1.5.1.

For example, you have a module ‘sample_module’ and you include a link to that module in the module’s summary like this:

<p>This is a
<?php $sample_module->link('sample module'); ?>
link in the summary.</p>

The link shows up when it is included in other modules, but not when showing the $sample_3 module. This technique is great because now whenever you display the summary as part of another module, it also includes a link back to the full page for that module.

Previously there was a problem with the page linking to itself. That is confusing, and documentation is one place it is important not to have confusion. 🙂

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