PowerBook Notes

I’m absolutely loving the 17" PowerBook. The screen is big enough for me to develop on comfortably and the larger pixels mean I’m not leaning in at the screen as much as I was on the 15". The faster hard drive speed is also quite noticable.

I had thought that Apple missed the boat by not putting a numeric keypad on the 17", but I’ve found I prefer to have my hands in the middle of the screen after all. The trackpad is pretty huge, but I got used to that rather quickly.

Apple has been good about following up with my RAM situation, I should be getting the additional RAM in 2-3 weeks. Photoshop is a real bear without it, but I can make do.

On recommendation from Jason, I got a ScreenSleeve instead of just laying a cloth over the keyboard as I’ve always done with the 15". The ScreenSleeve is quite nice, I definitely recommend it.

The 17" does run a bit hot, so I’m planning to make a desk stand and a lap desk with good ventilation to keep it happy.

Overall, I’m quite pleased. This was a very nice upgrade from my 15".