Tasks Pro™ 1.1.1rc1 released

I’ve made Tasks Pro™ 1.1.1rc1 available for download to my Tasks Pro™ customers. I hate doing little point releases, but this has a few fixes that I think are important to get out there. Unfortunately, some of the fixes involved adding additional translation strings, so the version 1.1 language files aren’t compatible.

I’d overlooked something in my original internationalization efforts: languages that use characters that have to use HTML encoded entities need to have a version of the string where those characters are not encoded for use in e-mails, iCalendars, etc. This should be addressed now.

Changes in this release:

  • Added duplicate label strings for use in e-mail to account for different rendering of special characters.
  • Fixed a JavaScript bug that kept the ‘Add URL’ button from working in Win/IE if file uploads were disabled.
  • E-mail notifications were being sent in the senders language, not the recipient’s language.
  • The ‘mail my password’ function was not properly working with e-mail addresses.
  • Sub-task time spent total was missing a level in the calculations.
  • The timer wasn’t working properly before 10am (the hours were incorrectly calculated).

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