Photos 4.1b1 released

I’ve finally released Photos 4.1b1!

This has a number of small bug fixes, but the big change is internationalization. Of course, I’ve included the English localization, so you should be able to just translate that, set the language in the config file and Photos should run in the language you’ve created. Send me the language file and I’ll include it in the distribution. I’m sure I’ve missed a string here and there, so let me know if anything shows up in English after you do your translation.

I also took this opportunity to reduce the HTML in the pages and add more CSS in certain places and make a few changes here and there as I ran across them.

Photos was my first PHP project and there is a lot I’d like to re-write in this code; it will happen over time I guess. 🙂

Here is a list of noteable changes:

  • Stopped using the deprecated ‘call by reference’
  • Changed the get limit from 500 to 300
  • Added a setting in the language file for the pages character set
  • Added a check to remove the error message if you clicked the ‘Add Details’ button and no photos needed details addded.
  • Fixed search by ‘Need Details’
  • URL encoded the photo URL in the EXIF and IPTC pop-up windows
  • Fixed a problem with single quotes in photo paths
  • Allowed viewing the portfolio by list
  • Added a check that may allow Photos to work with GD 1.6
  • Lots more little stuff I’m forgetting about
  • Upgraded to Exifer 1.41

Lots of code was changed, so there are some probably some good bugs out there to be found. 😉

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