Furniture Delivery

Next week we’ve got some family coming in for a visit so we went out last week to look for some much needed furniture. We bought a patio table and some chairs, a chair and a kitchen table. We bought from different stores and each store would deliver the furniture for a nice delivery charge (total of $150). I got the bright idea that it would be cheaper for me to just rent a truck and go get everything in one shot; big mistake.

I went to U-haul and they only had their largest truck available – at least I wouldn’t be hurting for space, right? Not only that, but it was a manual transmission with 200,000 miles on it. I was struggling getting the truck started from a stop but things improved once I figured out I was better off starting the truck in second gear. 😉

So I manage to get this truck down to the patio furniture store. They loaded up the chairs, but the table they were planning to give us was the floor model that we’d noticed was damaged when we were there previously. So I took the chairs and left the table. They agreed to deliver the table at no charge next week. Not exactly what I had in mind, but they are picking up the extra delivery so no big deal.

The next stop was at the furniture store. We bought from the main showroom and the outlet showroom from the same company so I only had to make one stop at their warehouse to pick everything up. On the way, I was changing lanes and almost ran a small sedan off the road. Oops. 🙁

Anyway, I got to the warehouse and (with some help) managed to back the truck up to the loading dock. They loaded the chair, but were having trouble locating the table. Apparently the new table in the shipment was gone so they sent over the piece from their main showroom for me. I didn’t mind the 15 minute wait, the truck was hot and it was nice and cool in the warehouse.

When the table arrived at the loading dock, I noticed it was pretty dinged up. The loading dock guys recommended I refuse the table if I wasn’t pleased with it so that’s what I did. I tied down the chairs in the back of the U-haul and headed back home, with only half of what I’d gone to pick up.

I got the truck home without incident, brought the patio chairs around to the back deck, then started wondering how I was going to get the other chair out of the truck and into the house.

Two of us had loaded the chair from the dock into the truck and it hadn’t seemed too heavy, but it was big enough that it was really awkward to try to move on my own. I ended up just grabbing it and heaving it off the truck. Then I got it up the the front steps and saw that it wouldn’t fit through the door while right side up, I needed to tip it and angle it. I got it rolled in, then managed to get it in place in the living room. Whew!

I took a 10 minute break to reply to a few e-mails and process a Tasks order and a Tasks Pro™ order (yay!), then headed back out to return the truck.

I had to fill the truck back up and there is a gas station right by my house that has deisel, but I spaced out and drove right past it. I drove in and out of a few more gas stations before finally calling the U-haul place and getting the location of one that had deisel.

Back at the U-haul place, I got my bill: $100. It was $40 to rent the truck, $15 for insurance, $55 for mileage plus I spent $6 for gas… so in total I’d saved $44 but spent 4 hours of my time in the process. YUCK!

Lesson learned, next time I’ll spring for the delivery charge – gladly.