Trackback Timestamps

Geof posted about Trackback Comment Timestamping and it seemed like a trackback was more appropriate than a comment. 🙂

Geof asks why the timestamp on the trackback is the time the trackback is received (as a comment) instead of the time the post (being sent as a trackback) was posted. I can think of several reasons:

  1. The trackback participates in the comment discussion timeline, so it is important that it appear in the proper place in the timeline as it might reference previous comments and future comments may reference it.
  2. A trackback from an old entry could be sent as a response to a new entry, you wouldn’t necessarily want the date on that trackback to be several months before the post that is receiving the trackback (and the comment timeline issue previously mentioned).
  3. There is no way to keep the post date/time and the trackback comment date/time in sync. If someone alters the post date/time, the trackback date/time will not reflect this change anyway.
  4. As a last note, I’m not sure the post date/time is even sent with the trackback info.

I’d be happy to hear more arguments on either side in the comments (or in Geof’s comments).