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A few people have recommended Tasks in this Best To-Do List Software thread on Slashdot.

For those of you who are coming here to learn about Tasks, here is the cliff-notes version:

Tasks is a hierarchical, web-based task (or to-do list) manager. It runs on either Apache or IIS with PHP and MySQL*. It’s designed to be fast and eacy to use, utilizing JavaScript to create a fast, rich web-based interface. There are currently three :scare: flavors :/scare: of Tasks:

  1. Tasks 1.8.6 (single-user, free)
  2. Tasks 2.0 (single-user, $29.95)
  3. Tasks Pro™ (multi-user, $125-$500)

Tasks 2.0 and Tasks Pro™ are based on the same 2nd generation codeline which is a major rewrite from the 1.x codeline.

All versions of Tasks are internationalized and localization ready, cross-browser compatible and designed with the user in mind. Take a look at the Feature Comparison Chart for more detailed information.

Tasks Pro™

Tasks 2.0

Tasks 1.8.6

Please feel free to contact me or post in the forums if you have questions about the products.

* If you are interested in Tasks or Tasks Pro™ but aren’t comfortable installing PHP and MySQL or don’t want to install Tasks on your ISP account, check back in a few weeks for a Tasks and Tasks Pro™ subscription service that is currently in development.

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