Making a Living

Recently, I’ve had a few people ask me how Tasks sales are going and if I am indeed making a living selling my software. I’m happy to report that I’m not starving just yet. 🙂

Before I took the plunge, I was a little anxious about leaving the safety of a salary for the unknown of self-employment. Brent Simmons was kind enough to take a phone call with me to let me ask him about the feasibility of becoming an independant developer. What he told me is right in line with what I’ve experienced: it’s hard work and it’s scary but it’s also a lot of fun and very rewarding.

Since I started selling Tasks Pro™ at the end of February, I’ve spent about 80-90% of my time working on Tasks Pro™, Tasks and Use Tasks. Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m very pleased to have those released and the systems in place so I can get back to adding features and building functionality.

The other 10-20% of my time has mostly been spent doing contract work. I enjoy taking on small contract jobs; they give me a chance to work on a variety of different things and interact with interesting people. I do enjoy the contract work, but I’m also glad that I haven’t had to turn to doing contract work full time (yet, knock on wood).

So far, the sales have been steady enough to justify spltting up my work time that way. I’m not making what I was working for a BigCo, but I have a lot more freedom and control over what I’m doing.

Tomorrow I’ll post a little more about what my work day is like, what I like about working for (and by) myself and what I miss about working with a team.