WordPress Plugins

People seem to have a lot of trouble following the directions included in my WordPress plugins and I cannot offer adequate support, so I’ve decided to make things a little simpler. I’ve taken a stock WordPress 1.2 distribution, installed and enabled all of my plugins in it, and I’m making it available for download. This includes:

  • WP Style Switcher
  • WP Photos
  • WP Last Visit
  • WP Grins
  • WP Unformatted
  • WP Mobile Edition

This also includes the winning styles from the WP CSS Style Competition, already installed for you.

Download (732 kB)

The archive is kind of big, so I’ve put it over on my TextDrive account. Hopefully I won’t run over my bandwidth limit. 🙂

I also updated the WP Style Switcher to include an option to display the list of styles in a drop down instead of as a list. The setting for this is in the plugin file.

I updated the WP Last Visit plugin as well, the plugin now produces JavaScript output as a linked file instead of putting the JavaScript functions inline in the page.

You can download the new versions from my plugins page if you want to upgrade.