Mailing Lists

I finally got the beta discussion and announcement mailing lists set up for Tasks and Tasks Pro™.

I’ll start releasing betas of the next major versions pretty soon, so if you’re a customer that wants to take part in the early testing and feature discussion, join the appropriate beta mailing list.

I’d still like to integrate the mailing lists with the forums, but I just don’t have time to work on that right now. I’m using the mailing lists instead of the forums for primary beta discussion because I’m on several beta mailing lists for other products and I like the way they’ve worked out.

I started converting the Mailman interface to fit into my site template, but eventually gave up. It was a ton of work, and I’d need to do it again (or at least do a diff) every time I upgrade. Anyway, forgive the not-so-snazzy look of those pages.

Everything should be working properly (thanks to Scott), let me know if you have any trouble with it.

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