Tasks Pro™ and Tasks Translations Wanted

I’d like to have a few more translations for Tasks Pro™ and Tasks. This will benefit Use Tasks customers as well (and expand the potential customer market).

If you’d like to contribute a translation of Tasks (2.x, not 1.x) that I don’t already have, I will be very happy to give you a free Tasks license. If you’d like to contribute both a Tasks and a Tasks Pro™ translation (I think there are only 20 or so different strings between the two), I’d be happy to give you a 5 user Tasks Pro™ license.

If you go for the Tasks Pro™ license, you can upgrade the number of users by paying the standard Tasks Pro™ upgrade prices.

The only ‘gotcha’ in the deal is that no upgrades (including free upgrades) are included with the license. To get updated versions, you must submit an updated language file (or files) for the new version(s). This will help insure that the languages stay available for future releases.

When you think the translation is ready, let me know and sign up for a free trial of Tasks Pro™ and/or Tasks. I’ll sanity check your language file, then upload it to your trial account so you can test it thoroughly. When you’re satisfied with the language file, I’ll run it past a 3rd party as a final check then send your license and download instructions.

There are localization sections in the forums if you have questions or comments.

Fine print: I reserve the right to refuse work from anyone for any reason and can cancel this offer at any time.

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