How is it that no one grabbed me and forced me to Adium sooner is beyond me. Adium is a wonderfully implemented multi-protocol IM client for Mac OS X. I :scare: found :/scare: it last night, decided to give it a shot, and trashed Fire about 20 minutes later. I’d tried Proteus a few months back, but it didn’t seem to have an option to pull in my buddy lists, so I didn’t spend much time with it.

I’d been having some connection and stalling issues w/ Fire that prompted me to start looking again in the first place. I’ve been using Adium today and I’m very impressed. The app is very polished and well executed and the options make sense. Plus, it has tabbed chat windows, something I really missed from Gaim when I was on Windows all day.

My only complaint so far is the lack of a ‘none’ option for specific alerts (contact online/offline) in the custom sounds options. I only want an audio alert when I get an incoming message, and I want the initial audio alert sound (initiating a chat) to be different than the sound for an existing chat. Perhaps I’ll try my hand at making one if I can’t find a suitable option here.