Templates and Testing

I’ve started working on task templates and, as expected, it’s gotten complex rather quickly. I’m confident that I’ve got a good back-end design in place, I just need to finish the implementation. The front end interface is still somewhat up in the air. I think I know how I’m going to present most of the editing interface, but I’m not at all sure how I want to the UI for actually deploying the templates to work.

We’ve already got icon overload on the right side of the tree view and lists. I’m considering adding a drop down menu or something to put some of the actions in (I’d like to have a quick link to add a task to your Favorites as well). I hate adding the extra click and hiding the functionality though. This is something that will likely change once I get it out in alpha to existing Tasks Pro™ and Tasks customers and get some feedback.

This release is going to expand the system beyond my current QA methodologies so I’ve started making a task tree of everything that needs to be tested. It was definitely time to have this in place; having a more formalized list to work from should be a big help. I’ll publish the list to the beta testers when I get it done, I imagine some of them will see some features they didn’t even know existed. 🙂

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