Big Puppy

I went up to visit our puppy yesterday afternoon. All of them are huge now compared to when we first saw them. They each have their own little personality and are very, very cute.

I spent about an hour playing with our girl. She is getting around really well now and was exploring everything. The breeder says she’s quite the terror in the house. It seems she likes crawling under things whenever she can. I put the collar on her again so she could start getting used to it. This time she started scratching at it after about 5 minutes so I took it back off after a few more minutes.

I brought the crate we bought with me and let her climb into it and explored a little. Everyone (including the dog book) says how important crate training is, so that’s the plan.

After a little while playing in the yard, she was hot and tired so she crawled into the shade to sleep. She was pretty tuckered out, so I let her nap a little then brought her back to the rest of the pups.

Now that she’s a little bigger, I got a better look at her eyes. We thought she was going to have both blue eyes, but now it appears that the top part of each eye is either a darker blue or brown. This is fairly common on Aussies. I went back a few weeks in the photos and now that I’m looking for it, I can see it in those too. The bigger she gets, the more noticable it will be. I’d really wanted to get one with both eyes the same solid color, but it seems that we picked the only one of the bunch that didn’t. Of course, we’re far too attached at this point to think about switching to another puppy or wait for another litter.

I took the usual bunch of photos. 🙂