Rough Start

I participate in a few fantasy football leagues each year. This is the 4th year of a 16 team, 3 player keeper league that I’m in with some friends and I’ve already had some very tough luck.

My first pick in the initial keeper draft 4 years ago was Ricky Williams. He’s not going to help me much this year so I started the season short by my top player (basically giving up my #1 draft pick).

I made Duece McAllister a keeper after Ricky went to Miami. He’s been great the last few years, but he hasn’t done anything yet this year and now he could be out 6 weeks.

My second keeper is Donovan McNabb. I traded for him two seasons ago and he’s been having a great year so far. No complaints.

I had briefly considered keeping David Boston in my 3rd keeper spot, but he got hurt and was out for the year already by the time we announced keepers. That made Brian Westbrook my 3rd keeper. He’s had a solid start with yardage, but has yet to find the end zone.

I took a chance with my first actual draft pick (4th round) this year, selecting Quentin Griffin. He was completely unproven as the new Denver running back (and wasn’t even set as the #1 back at the time) and we only start two running backs so I was potentially drafting someone that I wouldn’t even get to play. As it turns out, he’s been pretty solid so far and with the injury to Deuce this now looks like a fantastic pick.

I’m doing ok so far at 1-1, but it’s frustrating to think I put myself in position to have 3 (keepers) of the top 15-20 players in the league and now I’ve only got one of those.

Every year I make a few bucks in my baseball and basketball leagues, then give it all back in football. 🙂