Working with a Puppy, Day 1

Yesterday was the first day I spent alone with the puppy. She definitely cut into my productivity, but I was still able to work on a few small projects, finish catching up on e-mail and start getting back into the swing of things.

Our pup is very good about taking naps but when she’s awake, she wants attention and she wants to play! I’m also trying hard to prevent accidents in the house during the housetraining phase so we’re spending some time outside as well. I’ve seen my neighbors more in the last few days than I probably did in the last month. 🙂

I got an X-Pen which is currently keeping her in the ‘greater office area’, but I’m planning to bring it outside in a few hours to let her play in the grass while I work outside. I’m glad I have a laptop.

The pup doesn’t much care for her crate, but we’re working on that. Actually, she doesn’t like being confined period, especially if she can’t see one of us. I don’t think she’d be very happy if we had to leave her alone by herself right now.

I think we are making some progress though. She slept through the night (in the crate) last night which was wonderful. I’d been up to let her out in the middle of the night the previous 2 nights. She’s getting pretty good at walking the the leash now too.

Later this afternoon, I’m taking her to the vet for her checkup. It will be the first time we’ve :scare: solo’ed :/scare: in the car; that should be exciting.

She’s resting now so I better go get some work done.