Professional Face

I’ve started working on a new King Design web site that will actually have a little content on it. I originally indended to have one page summaries for all my professional offerings, however I started thinking that more of a break between personal and professional sites might be a good move. As such, I’ve been considering moving my Tasks software (including the free trials, store, etc.) over there.

The benefit to doing this would be that I get the business stuff more organized and in one place. This would also make it a little easier to decide what URL to put on my business cards when I finally get them printed up. 🙂

Of course, there drawbacks to moving Tasks to gets a nice amount of traffic which helps more people see the software and I’ve already got lots of nice incoming links and pagerank here. Also: would I move all of the software? Or just the commercial stuff? If I do move things, where should I draw the line?

Just to complicate things further, Tasks Pro™ and Use Tasks have their own sites already, so for those offerings I will probably only have brief summaries on the King Design site.

Maybe I’m too close to the situation and one of you has a perfect solution for me?