Changing BBEdit Color “Themes”

In BBEdit, I do my text editing in normal lighting conditions with a dark background and light colored text. In some situations (outside for example) a light background with dark text is a better combination. I’ve been trying to come up with a way to easily switch between my custom colors and the default set.

The settings for the colors are in a .plist file (an XML file) and I’ve found that I can manually edit this file to do what I want, but I’d like to automate it. Does anyone know of a scriptable XML editor (Mac OS X only please, command line is fine) that I could use to check the current values then change them?

I posted this to the BBEdit Talk list this weekend, but no reply yet so I thought I’d expand the exposure a little. C’mon Lazyweb!

UPDATE: The .plist file has more than just the color info, so I don’t want to just swap files. I suppose I could do a big find/replace on the entire section that controls the colors…