Fuzzy Little Houdini

Though I’m home most of the time with the pup, there are times when she needs to be left home alone (it’s also important for her to get used to this). While I was out of town for the day on business last week, she had to be left alone for a few hours at a pop. We put her in the laundry room, in the X-Pen with her crate and toys. When we got back, she was in the living room.

The next time, we didn’t put her crate in the X-Pen, thinking that she might have jumped on the crate then over the wall. I guess that wasn’t her method since when we came back again, she was again sitting in the living room. I think she’s somehow lifting up the wall of the X-Pen and crawling under, but I’m going to set up the video camera to find out for sure.

Tonight, we had to leave her again for a few hours while we attended a benefit silent auction/dinner/live auction for a friend’s adoption agency. Instead of using the X-Pen, this time we borrowed a baby gate from our neighbor (who also has a puppy) and put her in the laundry room with the baby gate across the door. She may have gone under the X-Pen, but she must have gone over the baby gate. When we got home, she was upstairs hanging out in our bedroom. Tomorrow, we go shopping for a taller baby gate.

The real problem may be that she doesn’t like being confined in the laundry room where she can’t see what is going on. After a little while, she decides to go look for us. 🙂

Overall, our pup is doing very well. She seems to have grown up quite a bit in the last couple of weeks and the housetraining is coming along nicely. The last 2 times, even though she’s gotten out, she hasn’t done any damage or had any accidents. She’s also learned to ‘sit’, but doesn’t seem so excited about ‘lie down’. I’ll try to post some new photos soon.