Bluetooth is cool

I finally got a chance to see first-hand how cool Bluetooth is. My cohorts here each have Bluetooth enabled cell phones and I borrowed a connection to steal some bandwidth in a meeting today. I also used it to send a few files over, PowerBook to PowerBook. It appears that the Sony Ericsson T608 is the only existing Sprint phone w/ Bluetooth – I wonder if I should just find one and add a phone to my current plan. 🙂

I’d very much like to have a Bluetooth cell phone to use as a modem, and it appears that Sprint may not cripple Bluetooth in the Treo 650 afterall. However, I know my rate plan still says I can’t use the unlimited data to my phone as a modem, so I’m not sure what will come down. I saw that T-Mobile’s rate plans seem pretty reasonable… I wonder if T-Mobile gets better reception at my house.