Tasks Pro 1.5 beta 4

I’ve released Tasks Pro™ 1.5 beta 4. This is mainly clean-up and a few bug fixes that I discovered while combing through the code to create the next Tasks release.

  • The iCalendar and RSS links are now in a ‘Data for external apps’ area
  • Added the billable icon to edit form
  • Fixed a ‘Warning, div by 0’ PHP warning
  • Better error message if the install script fails to find the database
  • Breadcrumbs shouldn’t be clickable when creating template tasks
  • Hide blogging toolbar icons from template task edit form
  • Hide create template links if the task is already a template
  • On create new template task screen, set focus in title field
  • Show future recurring tasks in iCalendars
  • Enabling recurring tasks wasn’t sticking properly in the Server Settings
  • When saving a new template, view the template that was just created not the template list
  • Clicking on the Recurring Tasks checkbox (not just the label) works properly
  • iCalendar VTODO’s need a DTSTART
  • Edit and Mark complete weren’t functioning properly in the Favorites window
  • Don’t include deleted tasks in Favorites

This beta will expire on Dec 15th.

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