Announcing Tasks Jr.

In an effort to make the different versions of Tasks a little easier to understand, I’m renaming tasks 1.x to Tasks Jr.

I decided not to use ‘Tasks Lite’ because this isn’t a case where I’ve removed functionality; it’s really the younger version of Tasks Pro™ and Tasks.

I’ve got a pre-release of Tasks Jr. available now: Download (348 kB)

There are 2 basic changes from tasks 1.8.6:

  • PHP 5 Compatibility
  • A cleaned up install script, at the same location (install/) as the install script for Tasks Pro™ and Tasks. I’d get an e-mail once a week from someone reading the documentation for the wrong version.

Right now, the version is at 1.9 (up from 1.8.6). Do you think I should keep the 1.x versioning from the previous versions of tasks? Or should I start over at Tasks Jr. 1.0?

I’ll have a proper home for Tasks Jr. when I get the new King Design site up and running.

Note: I know the links to in Tasks Jr. are dead, the pages aren’t up yet.

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