Tasks 2.5 beta 2

I’ve released Tasks 2.5 beta 2. This brings all the new features (except new multi-user features) coming in Tasks Pro™ 1.5 to Tasks. Highlights:

  • Recurring Tasks
  • Task Templates
  • Favorites
  • Remember open tasks
  • PHP 5 Compatibility
  • Post to Blogger
  • Option to not receive ’empty’ daily reminders

Tasks 2.5 will be a paid upgrade, the cost of the upgrade will be $8 and anyone who purchased on or after October 1, 2004 will receive the upgrade for free. All Tasks customers can try out the beta.

Tasks 2.5 beta 1 was released last week, but only announced to the Tasks Beta mailing list, just in case there were big nasty bugs in it. Thankfully, the bugs were not too dreadful and the ones that were reported have been fixed.

If you want to try the beta, either do so on a copy of your data or make a backup first. The new version requires changes be made to the database so you can’t just switch between 2.1 and 2.5. Also, make sure to read the upgrade instructions in the included (updated) documentation (Step 1, log out, etc…).

This beta will expire on Dec. 15th.

UPDATE: The redirect to the upgrade script is being blocked if your error level is to show PHP Notices, go through the upgrade script manually (install/) to upgrade to 2.5.

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