Small World

Today we went snowboarding at Breckenridge with some friends, and met up with friends of theirs (Chris and Kevin)1 up there. Follow all that?

On the lift, we were chatting with Chris and Kevin – covering all the :scare: small talk :/scare: bases. It turns out Chris does web-based development with his company in Illinois. I mentioned my projects briefly and as we got off the lift, he asked, “You’re not Alex King, are you?”

Turns out Chris ran across my site a while back while surfing for Treo software and still reads it from time to time. I think this is the first time I’ve randomly2 met someone who was already familiar with my site and my work. Cool.

It was great to be back snowboarding again. There was pretty good snow on some runs and it was a little sparse in others. I’m looking forward to going back in 2005 – supposedly the best snow arrives in the new year. It was pretty awesome to have only a 1-1.5 hour drive to the slopes instead of the 4+ hour drive from the Bay Area to Lake Tahoe.

  1. Friends of theirs from college who had flown in from Chicago for the weekend. [up]
  2. Not in connection with a tech. meeting or convention focused on the industry. [up]