Tasks Pro™ 1.5 beta 8 and Tasks 2.5 beta 4

I’ve released new betas of Tasks Pro™ and Tasks. These qualify as ‘minor cleanup’ releases but do add new options so make sure you review your server settings carefully when you update them.

These changes were made in both Tasks Pro™ and Tasks:

  • Added “This is the last recurrence of this task” in the notes of the last recurring task
  • Allow javascript: URLs
  • Allow mailto: URLs
  • When modifying multiple tasks from search results, return to search results page with the results shown
  • Redirect to mobile page was failing (missing ‘?’)
  • Add a ‘don’t want these emails?’ message to all e-mail reminders and notifications
  • Added an e-mail subject prefix option
  • Extended future years in dropdown to 30 (from 10)

This change was only made in Tasks Pro™:

  • Hide the groups drop down and inherit groups checkbox in template picker if there are no groups in the system or for the current user

This change was only made in Tasks:

  • 401 authentication is now optional for RSS feeds and iCalendars

These beta releases will expire on Dec. 31, 2004.

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