Tasks Pro™ 1.5 rc1 and Tasks 2.5 rc1

I’m very pleased to have the first release candidates for Tasks Pro™ 1.5 and Tasks 2.5 out before the new year.

Here are the changes in both versions:

  • There is now a Timer Running icon that appears in the tree view for tasks who have a timer active.
  • There is a new search option to specifiy tasks that have a timer active or not.
  • There is additional error handling code to make sure two people don’t start timers on the same task at the same time and step on each other.
  • New and updated documentation.

Here are the changes in Tasks Pro™ only;

  • Bug Fix: Tasks could lose their groups when marked complete using the ‘Mark Complete’ button at the bottom of a list view.
  • Reworked the Task Groups/Private interface and also applied those changes to the default settings in the user preferences.
  • Re-did screenshots and documentation to reflect this change.
  • Made minor changes to the Quick Start Guide based on feedback.

I encourage all Tasks Pro™ and Tasks customers to download and try these new versions (make sure you read the included upgrade instructions in the documentation). I want to hear about any problems with these releases.

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