More Dell 700m Notes

The screen is very nice – maybe not quite Sony XBRITE good (I’ll be able to compare direcly in a month or so) but still very good. Hoever, after using it all day yesterday, my eyes were tired and my shoulders and hands felt a bit hunched and uncomfortable. I somewhat expected this – when I decided to go little, I never intended to do primary work on the laptop itself.

Today, I hooked it all up to my standard set-up using Remote Desktop, and that’s working very nicely. I’m running the PC in an 1152×800 window and I like being able to drag it between my main screen and the PowerBook screen. This is how I intend to do my primary development on the PC – perhaps it’s actually a simpler solution than a PC laptop that supports DVI and using a KVM switch.

It’s quiet and more responsive than any PC laptop I’ve used to date in regards to sleeping and waking from sleep. The only annoyance so far is the right side handrest is a little creaky… I guess that’s the nature of plastic laptops.

UPDATE: One thing I don’t understand is why the included 256MB of RAM was in the bottom slot instead of the top. Now when I go to put the 256MB back in, I think I’ll need to pull the 1GB from the bottom and put that in the top in case I want to up the RAM in the future. Another funny thing, I wouldn’t have found this documentation at all if it hadn’t been linked to from here.