Windows Explorer Replacement?

I’ve been looking for a decent Windows Explorer replacement and so far have been sorely disappointed.

All I want is a quick-access favorites panel (not in a menu) and a drop stack – and something that isn’t hideous to look at. Is that too much to ask for?

Here are some of the apps I’ve tried:

  • PowerDesk Pro (I used PowerDesk 98 – sadly, this seems to be the best of the bunch)
  • TotalCommander
  • Xplorer2
  • ExplorerXP

All of them seem to be focused on showing 2 (or more) “explorer” windows (tree and content) at once and having viewers for every file type under the sun – how about some features that improve the (dreadful) Windows file navigation/management experience?

Suggestions please…

UPDATE: Here are some other features I want that I should have listed initially:

  • Tortoise SVN support
  • Built in command line window (nice to have)
  • Access to favorites from open and save dialogs