Bloglines Meme

My first participation in a :scare: meme :/scare: , blame Scott.

  1. Go to bloglines (don’t think you need to have an account).
  2. Find your own blog on bloglines (if it’s not there you can sign up and add it I guess, if you don’t have a blog this one’s not for you).
  3. Click related feeds (each time you click they may change slightly).
  4. Post the top 5 (or more) on your blog.

Here it is:

  1. Jeffrey Zeldman Presents: The Daily Report
  2. Dave Shea’s mezzoblue
  3. Slashdot: (subscribed – why, I don’t know)
  4. Simon Willison’s Weblog
  6. Google Blog – Live
  7. A List Apart: for people who make websites (subscribed)
  8. Joel on Software (subscribed)
  9. Photo Matt (subscribed)
  10. Daring Fireball (subscribed)

Looks like everyone gets Joel, Simon and Slashdot.