How to Frustrate Your Customers

I placed an online order with Kensington a week or so ago and one of the items I ordered was back-ordered. They sent me an e-mail to let me know this, giving me the option to cancel the order. At this point, I was thought they were pretty on the ball.

Today I ended up needing to cancel the order and that’s when I ran into trouble.

  1. There should have been an initial indication that the item I was ordering was back-ordered, that would have avoided this entire situation.
  2. The e-mail said “reply to this e-mail at if you want to cancel…”, but the e-mail was sent from (and with a reply-to address of)
  3. I decided to send my cancellation request to both addresses to be safe, and both addresses bounced!
  4. Then I called the phone number included in the e-mail. I got the standard IVR menu and choose the 5th option ‘…about an online store order…’. The lady I spoke with there told me that I had to call a different number because she couldn’t do anything with online orders.
  5. Finally, I got through to someone who could cancel the order at the number she gave me and cancelled it.

Each of these things individually are no big deal, but when you put them all together they are the very picture of avoidable problems. How hard is it to put the right e-mail address and phone number in a canned e-mail? Or just enable a few extra e-mail addresses? Or add an option in the IVR to handle web order service? :bang: