Travel Necessities

I’ve been doing my first business travel in the past year. It’s interesting how experience changes your perspective.

Lap Desk

Several times, I’ve been stuck in an office with no desk but it’s nice to have in the hotel as well. I travel with this one, but I’d love to get one of these for home.

AirPort Express

Every travelling geek for hire needs one of these. Not only are they handy in the hotel, but it also works well if you are in a cube with only one port and you have two laptops to hook up.

Travel Clock

On my last trip to Lake Tahoe I stayed in a little dive hotel/motel that didn’t have clocks in the rooms. The time before that, the alarm didn’t go off in the morning (might have been my fault). Now I understand why people buy travel alarm clocks. I wanted to get an atomic clock and ended up getting this one even though it looks too big in the photos. Turns out, it is actually quite compact. 🙂

USB Charging Cables

I can charge everything I need to (cell phones, iPod, etc.) through the USB on my laptop. This is an area that PowerBooks shine in since they will provide charging power to USB devices while (the PowerBook is) sleeping.

Laptop Backpack

A messenger bag is great for around the town, but for standing in security lines at airports you really need a backpack.

I’m still a rookie in the business travel world – what other goodies should I know about?

UPDATED 2/19/05