WordPress Theme Competition

I’m happy to announce the second annual WordPress design contest here at alexking.org, the WordPress 1.5 Theme Competition!

I’ve put up a new blog for the competition. All information about the competition, including entries will be posted there. Please blog about this to help spread the word. The more participation we have, the better!

The theme competition will run for four weeks, with all entries being due on March 25th. See the complete list of rules and prizes.

Like last time, this competition is hosted in order to create a great selection of themes for the WordPress users. There are currently 110 CSS styles available as a result of the first competition and subsequent submissions. I hope that by this time next year we will have over 100 themes for people to choose from as well.

Lots of people come here to download the WordPress Styles hosted here. These are fantastic resources and still work well with the WordPress Classic theme in WordPress 1.5. However, with the new theme capabilities in WordPress 1.5 we have an opportunity to push the designs past the CSS only changes in the previous competition.

I look forward to seeing all of the great designs you guys and gals cook up.