What a Night

I had volleyball playoffs (co-ed sand 4’s) tonight at 6:30pm. Our team wasn’t the greatest this season so we were seeded pretty low (hence the early start). I figured I’d be home by 8 or so to start the Use Tasks upgrades.

However tonight we were playing well, and I was hitting well; so we futzed with the rotation to give me a few extra chances to hit. We won our first 4 matches (best of 3 games), and finally lost 14-16 in the 3rd game of the 5th match. If we’d won that match, we would have made it to the finals – and probably gotten crushed because we could barely stand up. The end of that 5th match was around 11:45pm – we played for 5+ hours straight. I’m gonna be hurtin’ for certain tomorrow morning.

I just finished the Use Tasks upgrades, quite a bit later than I’d hoped…

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