New E-mail Policy

I’ve reached a critical mass with incoming e-mail. In GTD, we are encouraged to doing something immediately if it will take 2 minutes or less, but responding to 50-100 e-mails a day really bites into the time I can spend actually coding.

The problem is volume – I need to cut down the amount of e-mail I take the time to respond to. To do this, I’m trying to determine some guidelines. Here is a rough cut of e-mails I’m considering trashing without a response:

  • The answer to the e-mail can be found on my web site with minimal looking.
  • It is a request for help or information without providing enough information in the request for me to be able to reply.
  • It is a ‘can you tell me how to do X?’ e-mail, where X is some arbitrary piece of web functionality (unless it sounds really interesting of course).
  • It is a WordPress support or how-to question.

Obviously, this does not apply to support e-mails for my commercial software.

What do you think, is this a fair approach to take? Perhaps there is a better idea I haven’t thought of…