Tasks Pro™ 1.5.1 and Tasks 2.5.1 Released

I’ve released new versions of Tasks Pro™ and Tasks. These new versions are immediately available as a free upgrade for all Tasks Pro™ 1.5 and Tasks 2.5 customers. I would classify these as “non-critical bug-fix” releases.

These changes were made in both versions:

  • The link for a URL is not closed properly in the RSS feeds (missing tag)
  • Recalculate the parent task’s % Complete when adding child tasks from a template
  • The Resolve Differences had a missing ‘?’
  • Sorting of search results was broken
  • ‘equivalent’ is misspelled on the Translation page in the documentation

These changes were only made in Tasks Pro™:

  • Single quotes in names need to be escaped for the ‘Add Date/Time’ feature
  • Data (priority, relative dates) was not properly translated in e-mail notifications when the assigning user used one language and the receiving user used another language
  • The Owner list was not properly sorted by name

These updates can be downloaded from the King Design download page.

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