iLap First Impressions

I decided to go with the iLap, and have been using it this afternoon. Here are my notes:

  • Rain Design has definitely taken a page out of the Apple book regarding product packaging – the box is quite nice.
  • FedEx Home Delivery (their cheapest option) for here from the Bay Area in 3+ days (ordered Monday).
  • It really does cool the laptop. My PowerBook was running at 126+ degrees sitting on the iCurve, after being on the iLap for about 5 minutes it is down to 113+ degrees – not bad.
  • The padded roll that your forarms rest pushes the laptop an extra 3 inches away from your body – no quite an uncomfortable distance but definitely quite a ways with the 17″ laptop.
  • The level at which the laptop is set is comfortable for typing.
  • The hinged “foot” on the back of the unit is looser than I expected. It will happily flap around on its own.
  • After an hour or so of use, the PowerBook has risen to 115+ degrees, not bad at all.
  • This thing is exactly the width of my PowerBook – I certainly wouldn’t mid it being an inch wider on each side.
  • Down to 112+ degrees now…

Ironically, The Gadgeteer posted a favorable review of the iLap this week.