Some Warranty

Last week I bought a new chairmat because the one I was using had cracked and was crumbling near the center.

When I removed the sticker before putting it on the floor, I noticed a “3 year warranty” claim on the sticker. This caught my eye because I’d bought the mat I was replacing less than a year ago (it’s a business expense, I still have the receipt). I called the warranty information number on the sticker and was directed to this page.

Check this out:

A $20.00 shipping and handling fee will be charged for all replacements. Please provide a Visa or MasterCard number along with the expiration date. Sorry, we do not accept checks.

The mat costs $50 new, and to take advantage of the :scare: warranty :/scare: , you have to pay 40% of the purchase price! That’s some scam they’ve got going. 🙁