WordPress Plugged In Beta

I’ve updated my WordPress Plugged In install to version – it still has the “beta” label on it though as I haven’t had time to test it out thoroughly. Like the 1.5.1 release, this contains my WP plugins, already installed:

  • WP Grins
  • Since Last Visit
  • WP Photos
  • WP Unformatted
  • WP Mobile Edition
  • Extended JS Quicktags

Download (415k)

There are three main changes in this release:

  1. WordPress version
  2. The WP Photos plugin no longer requires changes to be made to the template – should be sufficiently plug and play that it works if you choose to use another theme (untested).
  3. By request, I’ve included my expanded JS Quicktags which include my Footnote code.

You can post bug reports in this thread.