June, 2005

  1. Development Tip

    When you’re building something (not just prototyping), take the extra time to lay a good foundation. If you don’t, you’ll spend waste a lot of time in the future propping things up in ugly ways. Take the extra time. You’ll thank yourself later.

  2. E-mail Backlog… Again

    I’m back up to 70+ messages in my Inbox and a whopping 1000+ unread in my mailing lists folder. Some of this is because I got a behind during my vacation, but I’m not catching up very fast.

  3. WordPress Competition Lessons Learned

    I got an e-mail last week from skippy asking if I could answer a few questions about the theme competitions I’ve held for WordPress. Here goes: What was your motivation for starting the competition? The motivation for the first competition was to get people to start building additional themes for WordPress. I’d just created the…

  4. Around the web

    Mobile Development made easy – I know a few good people at Dexterra. Ted’s Mozilla page – FxIF Rands In Repose: The Bear Story It’s slowly turning into the weblog-o-burbs where all the real work to settle down is gone. It’s a single point and click to create your space which means the new arrivals…

  5. Accesskey Patch for Camino

    Oh happy day! A patch has finally been submitted that enables accesskey support for Camino. When a nightly is built that includes this patch, Camino will be the Best Mac Browser™, period. 🙂

  6. More on Greasemonkey

    Following up on some of the Greasemonkey discussion, Christopher posted an alternate viewpoint on his blog. I found this section to be of interest: The real question being discussed in Stephen’s comments is, “is there any benefit for service providers to support thirdparty ‘scraping’ tools like Greasemonkey?” Maybe. But if there is, I say provide…

  7. Bedtime Greasemonkey Script

    Scott made me do it. I created a silly little Greasemonkey script I’m calling ‘Bedtime’ – it disables Firefox between certain hours. A good reminder for those of us that have a tendancy to work too late. 🙂

  8. Greasemonkey Script for FeedLounge

    Now that I’m using FeedLounge as my primary feed reader, I needed to re-create some of my little tools. I also took the opportunity to play with Greasemonkey. 🙂 I created two scripts, one grabs the current item in FeedLounge for my Around the web posts, the other posts the item to del.icio.us. As previously…

  9. Song Order on iPod?

    I’ve looked at settings, searched the web, tried setting the sort order in iTunes… does anyone know how to alpha sort songs on the iPod? In particular, I’d like songs to be in alpha order when I go to Artists – [Artist Name] – All Songs, but also within an individual album.

  10. Nova Scotia

    Whew! I’m back from my week-long vacation to Nova Scotia: some hiking, a little golf, got rained on, went whale watching, ate some lobster, listened to some great music, found occasional internet access, got (just a little) sunburned, spent way too long on an airplane getting to and from and had my first experience going…

  11. Vacation

    I’m off on vacation for a week. This will be the first “disconnected” vacation I’ve had since… well, I guess since before I got my old Palm i705 – quite a while. Scott has graciously agreed to process orders for me while I’m away, but support and pre-sales questions will have to wait until I…

  12. Taxes

    If you’re self-employed, remember to send in your estimated tax payment by the 15th.

  13. Popularity Contest

    I’ve released version 1.0 of my Popularity Contest plugin and sent it in to the Plugin Competition. Hope I win1. Seriously, I know how much work goes into hosting a competition, hats off to Mark! Mark, you got that PayPal payment, right? ;)[back] This post is part of the thread: Content Presentation – an ongoing…

  14. Temporary Cell Service in Canada?

    I’m heading to Nova Scotia for a week vacation in a few days, can anyone recommend a good solution for temporary cell phone service in Canada? Data service would be a nice bonus as I have no idea what the hotels will have to offer. I called Sprint (my current carrier), but the best option…