Greasemonkey Script for FeedLounge

Now that I'm using FeedLounge as my primary feed reader, I needed to re-create some of my little tools. I also took the opportunity to play with Greasemonkey. 🙂 I created two scripts, one grabs the current item in FeedLounge for my Around the web posts, the other posts the item to

As previously noted, I use Tasks Pro™ to gather the links my weekly Around the web posts. I have automated this process as much as possible, with bookmarklets and scripts that format a list item with a link and append it to my Around the web task. Then, every Sunday, I just go to that task and post it to my blog.

Greasemonkey is pretty cool. The Greasemonkey version of these scripts actually adds a button to the item view toolbar in FeedLounge. Then I can just click the proper button to add the item to my Around the web task or post the item to

Since I prefer Camino to Firefox for my daily use (I use Firefox for development testing mostly), I created bookmarklet versions of these scripts as well.

Before you can use these scripts, you need to edit them to enter your Tasks Pro™ or Tasks URL and the id of the task you want to use, or your username respectively.

UPDATE 2005-11-27 - FeedLounge bookmarklets and Greasemonkey scripts are now hosted on

At FeedLounge, we think it's great when people write little helper scripts like this - I imagine this code will help others get started if they want to. I'll put a follow-up post with more details about our thoughts on this kind of customization on the FeedLounge blog.

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