Sick Puppy

My poor pup got sick last night. She doesn’t like thunder storms, so we aren’t sure if it was stress from the thunder storm last night while we were out or perhaps a bacterial thing from swimming in the creek last weekend. Either way, she was one sick puppy last night. The good news is that she got a clean bill of health today from the vet.

The vet gave me two helpful tips for checking to see if a dog is dehydrated:

  1. Lift up the skin on their back between the shoulders, if it snaps right back – good, if it stays up or comes back down slowly, they need water.
  2. Feel their gums, if they feel slick and wet – good, if they feel dry, give the dog water.

Overall though, she’s doing great – learning more tricks and commands all the time and generally being a great addition to the family. Here are a couple of photos from the last few months. I need to get back into the habit of taking photos more often. 🙂